Bogdan Fiedur’s Adlandpro a Dark Horse in Online Advertising
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Adlandpro Offers Free Advertising for Online Entrepreneurs to Earn Passive Income


Bogdan Fiedur 
   Bogdan Fiedur

Adlandpro, run by Canadian entrepreneur and CEO Bogdan Fiedur, is a social network that offers free traffic to Internet entrepreneurs and affiliates through a free ad posting service. Bogdan Fiedur, a computer programmer turned startup CEO, created Adlandpro to serve as a community for people interested in online advertising, Internet marketing, and affiliate marketing. Adlandpro has provided expert guidance to both new and experienced Internet marketers for 13 years.


Social Network Advertising Experiences Competition from Free Ad Community like Adlandpro

As of 2011, $1.42 billion was spent on US social network advertising; $1.52 billion is expected to be spent in 2012 alone. This amount is projected to increase to $1.64 billion as of 2013. Yet social network ad spend is on the decline compared to total online ad spend, dropping from 4.4% in 2007 to 4.1% in 2012. Social network ad spend is expected to fall to 3.9% by 2013.

Although roughly two thirds of adults in the US regularly use social media, an equal amount of social media users in both the US and Britain prefer not to be targeted by large companies on primary social networks, including Facebook and Twitter.

For many small e-commerce business owners and affiliate marketers, this has cut into their income significantly. For Internet marketers that have spent money on social media advertising, the return is not always worth the initial investment.

While social networks may have once been an ideal place to advertise several years ago when social media marketing was booming, today affiliate marketers and online entrepreneurs must reassess their advertising tactics.

For this reason, free ad programs that offer free traffic sources, like Adlandpro, are becoming more popular. Adlandpro has been established longer than popular social networks, such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. Adlandpro attracts members through an exclusive social community that offers advanced privacy protection to all users.

After joining, Adlandpro members have the opportunity to post free advertisements within the social network and even become verified affiliates in order to earn passive income. Adlandpro affiliates can earn monthly revenue from autoresponder subscribers, surf exchange credit purchases, premium classified ad purchases, premium member purchases, and banner ad purchases.

According to one satisfied community member and Adlandpro affiliate, "I first signed up as an Adland Affiliate back in August, 1998 and since that time your excellent proactive website has sent more targeted traffic to my site than any other, with the exception of perhaps the top 6 search engines on which I am listed.”


Beginner Advertisers Welcome

Adlandpro has tailored their social community to cater to both beginner and advanced online advertisers. Upon signing up for a free membership, Adlandpro members will receive a free tutorial in how to write a compelling advertisement using ethical tactics to generate both traffic and income.

Those who are new to Internet marketing can join Adlandpro free of charge without any intimidation in order to learn the basics of free online advertising. Adlandpro provides extensive step-by-step tutorials to all members who have signed up for the free program.


Advanced Advertising Capabilities

Larger businesses can use the free ad program designed by CEO Bogdan Fiedur to test and track ad campaigns before backing them with large ad spend. If a business has used the Adlandpro free ads successfully and wishes to scale their ad campaign, they can take advantage of Adlandpro Premium Services.

Adlandpro Premium Services provide several different methods to promote online ad campaigns using renewable ads, search engine submissions, banner impressions, and traffic exchange.

According to one Adlandpro member, “We have advertised with MANY companies including:  Yahoo, Excite, PcWorld, Cgi-Resources, TheGlobe, etc..  And we have been much more pleased with your service/support than we have been with any of these giants of the net.  Your personal touch and quick responses are wonderful and we're having a great time advertising with you and AdLandPro.”

Another Adlandpro community member verifies, "Adlandpro has been a successful advertising medium for me, and I've spent more in other advertising with very poor if any results.”

For both individual entrepreneurs and large businesses, Adlandpro provides a means to successfully advertise at little to no cost compared to larger online advertising mediums.


Adlandpro Traffic and Statistics

Adlandpro has a three month global Alexa traffic ranking of 7,549. Since Adlandpro was launched by Bogdan Fiedur 13 years ago, it has earned a five-star Alexa review rating. Alexa users confirm that Adlandpro is a user-friendly, active community with quality content and reliable customer support.

Adlandpro member John Sanchez states in his Alexa review, “I've been a member of AdlandPro since March of 2005 and I must say that AdlandPro is the best community on the Internet. I belong to several communities on the Net and none come close to it. AdlandPro has the friendliest people on the Net. There quite of few people there that are experts in Network Marketing and they offer their services for free. The CEO of the AdlandPro, Bogdan Fiedur, has made it possible for us members to advertise our businesses for free in several ways. So if you have a business you want to advertise or you just want to meet nice people come to AdlandPro!”

Adlandpro community members can take advantage of free advertising on classified and community pages, as well as free traffic exchange ads that target 120,000 users. Members will receive free business leads through the Adlandpro community network and a free subscription to the Adland Digest Newsletter.

Adlandpro affiliates can earn up to $10,000 per month through the verified affiliate program. According to one Adlandpro affiliate, "I was worried about spending for the cost of that ad, but it was a much better price than I had expected for the amount of traffic that comes in! I earn $30 per sale of the service I'm advertising, and I made back the cost almost immediately! I have tracking for my site and every day AdlandPro showed up consistently as the place where people clicked! It brought in 50% of my traffic! I post a great deal of ads on Yahoo and send to dozens of opt-in lists every day and post to bulletin boards, even with all of that, the AdlandPro button-ad attracted 50% of my hits!”

Adlandpro community members can access free classified advertising, networking, marketing, promotion, and earning opportunities. Adlandpro was designed based on the vision of CEO Bogdan Fiedur, who lives by the motto, "Whatever you do, do it with passion.” Bogdan Fiedur has passionately committed himself for more than a decade to providing both free and inexpensive online advertising solutions to all members within the Adlandpro community.

For free advertising and free traffic opportunities, you can visit Adlandpro directly at to join the community at no charge. You can also call 1-866-254-7228 toll-free in the US and Canada for further information.



Facebook, Myspace and Apsense. Are they all copies of Adlandpro from Bogdan Fiedur?

A Simply Amazing Social Network With A Twist That May Have Started It All.

Bogdan Fiedur and AdlandproIt's no news that social networks are a great place to advertise any business while establishing new friends and business contacts but, who really started it all? I don't really know the answer to this but I do know that since 2003, I've been a member of Adlandpro with Facebook, Myspace, Apsense and the likes not even having been created yet. Could it be they were all created because of what I like to call my little Gem?

Definition of Gem From Our Wonderful Thesaurus:

Part of Speech: noun
Definition: precious stone; treasure
Synonyms: bauble, glass*, hardware, jewel, jewelry, masterpiece, nonpareil, ornament, paragon,


Now when I use the word gem when mentioning Adlandpro, I am thinking "Masterpiece" 
since that is exactly what the owner Mr. Bogdan Fiedur has created.

Why Adlandpro Shines Above The Rest.

One of the most important reasons why this little gem out shines the other social networks you may be currently involved in is the level of privacy protection you get as a member. Something that what I call "The Guru Networks" seem to be lacking in these days. Oh and lets not even mention that to this date, advertising with Adlandpro doesn't have to cost you one red cent. Try doing that with "TGN" (The Guru Networks). lol

For those of you who like to just read blogs or view websites that can only earn you money (Foolish Thinking), Adlandpro is also one of the first places I ever discovered that you can earn a good passive income from without investing one single red cent. Can you do that with TGN? Of course not! All they want is the advertising revenue you'll supply them with as marketers.

I can also add without any shame what-so-ever that, Adlandpro was one of the sites I wanted to sort of follow in the footsteps of when I created my own earn without cost opportunity!

Are You Still Thinking Of The Affiliate Route With Your New Online Business?

If you're thinking of becoming an affiliate to earn yourself good passive income then I would strongly suggest Adlandpro as one of your most serious considerations. It may take you some time and work to get there but if you can build a good following, it will definitely pay off in the end.

Once you are a verified affiliate, you will be able to earn from a huge list of products only a part of which are listed here:
  • Monthly revenue from auto-responder subscribers.
  • Monthly revenue from banner ad purchases.
  • Monthly revenue from surf exchange credit purchases.
  • Monthly revenue from premium classified ad purchases.
  • Monthly revenue from premium membership purchases. (Without being a premium member yourself.)
There's more where that came from but I only have so much time to write for you today!

If You Do Join, Don't Be Stupid.

From day one I have told all those who have followed me into my little gem that signing up wasn't all they had to do or where they should stop at. I have become as of this very month the 58'TH top recruiter for Adlandpro out of the 40,168 "Verified Affiliates" that currently exist. Why?

Because I had enough brains, wasn't stupid and became a "Verified Affiliate" almost immediately after joining.

Now your thinking, these aren't very big figures for a social site though. Am I right?
Okay that's more than fair but, look at the following chance you have and growth potential that my little gem has through these stats:
  • Current Members In Adlandpro - 172,284. (Last year they were at around 120,000 in December when I predicted they would reach 180,000 by years end.)
  • Current Verified Affiliates - 40,168
  • Current Unverified Affiliates - 172,284 minus 40,168 = 132,116
  • Market that Can Still Be Brought In - 1,000,000,000+ Yes that's Billions!
According to these stats which are live as of today, only 30% of Adlandpro members were actually smart enough to become "VERIFIED AFFILIATES"!

So How Do You Become A Verified Affiliate?

Register for a free account.

Complete your profile, add your signature file link leading to your own website or blog and be sure to add a real picture of yourself.

Read the tutorials listed at the top of the networking page on becoming an affiliate.

Go to your affiliate account and paste a banner or Adlandpro custom page code on your website or blog.


All you have to do now is write your articles through the Ezines, Press Releases and Blog comments to watch your new Adlandpro income start building from those who join this "BEAUTIFUL GEM" after you!

My Bold Prediction For Adlandpro In 2012:
250,000 Members by The End Of December!
If you enjoyed my latest Blog post, please remember to share, leave your comments/backlinks and do return for more.

As usual, I do appreciate you sharing your time with me today!

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Bogdan Fiedur is also interested in photography.

Here are some samples of his pictures. Check out also his pinterest/bogdanfiedur gallery.

Bogdan Fiedur - Bark in the fall

 Bogdan Fiedur - Lone boat

Bogdan Fiedur - Sun set


Bogdan Fiedur - flowers from the garden


Bogdan Fiedur - garden light in winter

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Bogdan Fiedur - Perspecitve

Bogdan Fiedur - What's up?






Adlandpro Free World Classifieds: What's Always Been Different And Better?
by Kathleen VanBeekom (December 2011)

Here are just a few of the free benefits that impress me the most about Adlandpro Classifieds since it was created in 1998 and even more now as we near 2012:

1. We can geo-target and category-target our ads for free, no extra charge, always.

2. We can choose to be notified by email when people click through our ads to visit our sites, and if they are an Adlandpro member, their link is provided to us in that notification so we can easily contact them, these great benefits have also always been free.

3. We can choose to have our contact info from our profile automatically included with our ads.

I've been an affiliate of Adlandpro Classifieds since April, 1998. This is one of the first ad sources I used, and other sources didn't bring in as much traffic. Now over a decade has passed, the internet is filled with unlimited advertising sites and most of them still don't offer geo-targeting or category-targeting, and some are just starting to offer geo-targeting as if it's a new idea, and charging extra for it. Most ad sites also don't notify us by email when people click through our ads to visit our sites.

I've continued to get longterm visitors to my ads, I recently got a visitor from an ad I posted over a year ago. Adlandpro Classifieds can provide very longterm traffic.

I'm writing this especially for people who've never used Adlandpro Classifieds, or have used it and don't realize the impact of these FREE benefits, so they will be more aware of what Adlandpro has offered for nearly 14 years that other classified ad sites don't offer. That's why Adlandpro Free World Classifieds has been a mainstay of internet marketers since the turn of the century for marketers who recognize high quality advertising.

These sound like small simple issues, they are very important, these are free benefits that Adlandpro Classifieds has ALWAYS offered, and can help you to more easily gain leads and signups for your businesses.

Adlandpro Classifieds has always given us the free options to find leads in the areas that are best for our businesses, and to easily have communications between advertiser and visitor.

To explain more about my statements at the top...

Two things that impressed me the most about this classified ad site since the beginning and even more now:

1. We can geo-target our ads to certain countries for free, no extra charge.

2. We can choose to be notified by email when people click thru our ads to visit our sites, for free, no extra charge.

Something that dramatically changed millions and now about 2 billion peoples' live worldwide was...the internet. Another thing that changed 1,000's and now into the 100,000's of peoples' lives worldwide, including mine, was...Adlandpro.

You may think that sounds weird, an advertising/networking site changed someone's life? Yes. It gave me a starting point with online advertising that became a daily part of my life, and it still is.

If anyone would have asked me in the late 1990's if I'd still be logging into Adlandpro in the year 2011 and going into 2012, and it would be huge now and have a community where we can have our own forums and online communications with other people working from home worldwide, or just chatting, I wouldn't have believed it, or maybe I would have liked to imagine it. Now will we imagine another 14 years until 2026? What else happens after worlwide advertising magnitude and a 24-hour global community? I guess we'll find out.

What was I doing before the internet? Trying to earn from USA mail-order, and studying print marketing methods. Now that seems like the dinosaur age. Mail-order is slow and can only reach as many people as you can afford in print advertising. The methods are still basically the same online: Advertising, Tracking, List-Building, Following-Up. Adlandpro also offers tools so you can accomplish all those tasks, it has a complete marketing tools area, not just a place to post classified ads and engage in networking.

Without the internet, what would the world be doing? The same as usual, working at jobs they don't really like, or maybe they do like, but dream of something that takes less time away from their families, and doesn't make them feel as if they're being unappreciated for giving half their day (or more than half) for a paycheck that isn't worthy of who they really are, who they want to be.

There are around 2 billion people online now at the end of 2011, and the internet is 24 hours per day instant access, and many of those people are looking for ways to earn extra income, so if we maintain focus on good businesses and good advertising sources and consistent networking, all those activities can add up to longterm success.

From 1998 until around 2004, Adlandpro was all advertising, before the Community was created...

I started my Community membership in 2006, even though it was created 2 years before that, I knew about it but I kept my focus on the advertising area and was hesitant about entering a group of people I didn't know. When I finally did venture in, I really enjoyed the online forum conversations with people that I otherwise never would have had the chance to communicate with, and also gained signups for my business offers because I was logged in almost every day and chatting, and got to know a lot of people from around the world. The daily familiarity is very important, participating in forum conversations is very important, from a human perspective, people want to know other peoples' human side, and also know if the person will be there on a daily basis, if there are business contacts, that's important to be dependable, in the same places every day where other onliners can easily see you and find you.

I still run into lots of Adlandpro Community members all over the internet in different networks, people from here recognize each other's names and photos for years, nearly every online marketer had and still has a membership with Adlandpro before everything else.

As times change, we realize that name-recognition is extremely important, serious marketing can't be done on an anonymous basis. People want to know if they are joining businesses with a sponsor they'll be able to The business links I used in an old testimonial and also in the affiliate banner area, are no longer in business....Adlandpro IS. That says a LOT...this place has stood the test of time. The owner of Adlandpro, Bogdan Fiedur, has made sure his site is still there after 13 years, that's one of the most historical advertising and networking sources online.

I owe my success to contacts I've made here, and also to my own longterm motivation, and Bogdan's longterm motivation...Adlandpro is rock-solid part of our advertising efforts, even though we're all over the internet in dozens of places, the classifieds/advertising area brings in clicks to our ads on a consistent basis.


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